Signs It’s Time for a New ERP Solution

Signs It’s Time for a New ERP Solution

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Are you growing at a fast pace and your current ERP system does not provide the flexibility or scalability to grow with you? Is your current ERP software vendor no longer able to provide software updates? Is your current system too expensive to maintain? With the increase of the remote working environment, easy access to essential business data and information is crucial. It could be time for a new ERP system.

Iconn Technologies knew it was time to upgrade their ERP:

“Running on NetSuite, we look and feel like a $100 million company. We cover our international customer basis effectively with our global customer service and engineering footprint.”

-Iconn Technologies

As your business grows, the need for a better solution may be clear but the path to get there quite foggy.

Tips for Embracing Cloud ERP 

  1. Take time to understand business needs and requirements even though you are quickly growing
  2. Manage risk
  3. Hire the right partner with experience in your vertical or industry

Transitioning to NetSuite can improve your operations, don’t let an out-of-date current ERP hold your business back!

Enjoy this free white paper from NetSuite that describes when it is time to upgrade to a new ERP System and the best practices to embrace the Cloud.


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