Efficiently Organize Quotes for Your Clients

Sort2Quote Efficiently Organize Quotes for Your Clients

If you’ve ever run into the roadblock of not being able to rearrange line items on your quotes, there is a better way. A Keystone exclusive, Sort2Quote empowers you to highlight, organize and rearrange line items to improve the appearance and readability of your quotes—all in a few simple clicks.

Strategically sort and organize line items on your quotes by:
  • Item Type—Quickly label and sort your line items with a Hardware, Software, Installation or Maintenance descriptions.
  • Location—Conveniently organize line items based on their end location.
  • Solution Options—Purposefully categorize line items corresponding to specific configurations.
  • And more…
Because Sort2Quote is also fully integrated with NetSuite, you can count on:
  • An easy-to-use and simple-to-deploy solution configurable to your business needs.
  • A low-cost, time-saving solution to arrange and present quotes—customized to each client.
  • A direct way to sort and organize products/line items.
  • Noticeably improved appearance and readability of your quotes.
  • A universal tool that adds value to any business—regardless of industry or size.

Here’s how it works: