Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

NetSuite with or without a Salesforce integration is an effective CRM solutions tool that supports your critical, customer-facing business processes and can be a very powerful business asset. Allowing you to build better relationships with your customers and drive sales productivity.

  • Sales Automation A well designed solution will drive sales productivity by reducing administrative work allowing more time for selling and winning.
  • Marketing Automation These tools enable you to manage leads and measure the effectiveness of marketing initiatives, ensuring you get the most return on your investment.
  • Customer Service A customer service module supports customer satisfaction and can reduce costs by creating self-service communities. By equipping agents with reporting tools they can quickly respond to customers and monitor rate of customer satisfaction.
  • Partner Relationship Management These tools allow you to expand sales through new channels, recruit new partners, increase partner productivity, reduce channel conflict, and boost partner loyalty.

However, the best tools in the world are worthless if your front line team doesn’t use them effectively. That’s why the most critical factors driving a return on your CRM integration are often (1) ease of use and (2) adoption. Keystone understands this fact and we focus on them in our implementation plans.

The ease of use and adoption begins with the initial design. We ensure the integration is built around how your team works and provide easy access to data and tools. A staged implementation is often a second half of an adoption strategy. Ensuring users are comfortable with the solution before they are asked to use it to manage more complex processes. The third and final part of an adoption strategy is global training of all intended users.

These strategies are integral to Keystone’s approach and our primary goal is to ensure our clients capture the maximum return on their investments.