SuiteLync Saleforce

Streamline Sales and ERP Data Transactions

SuiteLync Salesforce Streamline Sales and ERP Data Transactions

Let Keystone Business Services streamline your lead-to-cash management system with SuiteLync Salesforce – our NetSuite/ Integration. We provide custom configurations for your business to efficiently automate data transactions and key business functions between your NetSuite ERP and CRM applications.

As an official partner of both NetSuite and, Keystone Business Services has expert-level proficiency to help you get the most out of both Cloud Computing solutions.

Your sales team can continue using the same application they already know and like to manage their Opportunities and Quotes. Only now, they will gain visibility into valuable NetSuite ERP transaction information as well, including Orders and Invoices.

Here’s How it Works
  • When an Opportunity is won, it automatically migrates to NetSuite as a Sales Order.
  • NetSuite writes the Sales Order back to as a custom Transaction Record linked to the Opportunity and the Customer.
  • Once the Order is fulfilled, the Sales Order Transaction Record is automatically updated from the NetSuite Sales Order to show the Sales Order has Shipped.
  • An invoice is generated by NetSuite, pushed to as a separate transaction record and updated in when paid in NetSuite.
Additional Integration Benefits
  • Product information, pricing and updates entered in NetSuite automatically migrate to improving efficiency while reducing the potential for data entry errors.
  • Customers and Contacts are sync’d from to NetSuite.
  • Keystone Business Services will work closely with you to identify which records to sync along with their appropriate triggers.

The integration can be extended to cover any number of other records and transactions as required, including records such as Assets and Renewals.