Simplify Custom Orders to Global Manufacturers

Design2Build Simplify Custom Orders to Global Manufacturers

If you work with global manufacturers to customize products for end users, Design2Build is the secure, cost-effective solution you have been looking for. It streamlines the process of collaboratively working on product designs and documents with your customers and manufacturers and using on a low-cost, easy-to-use Amazon cloud platform.

The extended NetSuite storage system features security and redundancy to ensure the availability and response time needed for working with your manufacturing partners and customers—no more timeouts when downloading data, trying the share files via email, or working with older / out of date versions.

Because Design2Build is fully integrated with NetSuite, you can:
  • Easily collaborate product design with end-user customers for manufacturers in Asia, Europe and South America.
  • Securely generate login credentials to the document workspace for external users, including Customers and Vendors.
  • Securely share final designs with contract manufacturers—even large image or CAD files.
  • Directly associate design documents with NetSuite sales transactions and purchase orders for streamlined business processing.
Here’s How it Works
  • Links to Amazon are created from sales orders and purchase orders.
  • Credentials for customer access are generated in NetSuite and sent to clients.
  • Customers can approve final product design via web interface.
  • All order documents are linked to purchase orders generated from sales orders.
    • Manufacturers access order documents via cloud computing.
    • Documents are replicated to specific servers around the world to ensure easy, fast access.
    • Documents also are password protected and expire based on specific criteria to ensure authorized use only.