SW2017 – More / Better / Forever

SW2017 – More / Better / Forever

SuiteWorld 2017 – More / Better / Forever

As we close out our SuiteWorld related activities and action items, we wanted to provide some final thoughts on the overall learnings from the event and key themes – including Oracle’s focus on growth, accelerating product development, and the acquisition’s impact on channel partners like Keystone.

Oracle’s ‘More / Better / Forever’ statement at both the Partner meeting and the User Conference emphasized Oracle’s commitment to the NetSuite platform.  Oracle management was clear that the ERP market was the second largest segment of the software market, behind databases, and they view capturing more share in the ERP market as a primary reason for their $9B investment.  Some of the actions focusing on growth will directly impact current clients – such as new features and a new Chicago data center.  Other actions to grow NetSuite, including a significant international push, will impact our clients much less.

A key pillar supporting the growth strategy is expanding the suite and the new SuiteSuccess program. We reviewed a number of new features separately, like the APM SuiteApp and ARM, along with major new features including SuitePeople.  It’s also clear that the solution set available to clients will start to include legacy Oracle cloud services, such as budgeting, planning, and HCM.

Keystone is well positioned to ride the wave of growth that is anticipated with Oracle’s acquisition.  We are more excited than ever for the opportunities to leverage our NetSuite expertise and enable businesses to increase productivity with the power of an integrated cloud based ERP system. Oracle will want to grow business through existing channels as well as expand the channel community – which creates opportunities for Keystone such as the ability to develop our own ‘SuiteSuccess’ solution for selected vertical markets.  We also expect Oracle will start to shift implementation services from their internal team to channel partners, another plus for Keystone.

Overall, SuiteWorld had a very positive message for both customers and partners!

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