SuiteWorld 2017 – New Feature Roadmap

SuiteWorld 2017 – New Feature Roadmap


Takeaways from SuiteWorld 2017

There are always a large number of new features on the roadmap announced at SuiteWorld – and this year was no exception.  Although release dates aren’t specified and the Safe Habor Statements absolutely apply, we expect most if not all of the new features to be included in one of the next couple New NetSuite Releases based on past performance.


We’ve discussed other SuiteWorld announcements in more detail in separate posts, including overall themes of the conference, SuitePeople, and NetSuite APM.  These new features tend to be focused on specific functionality and are presented at SuiteWorld at a high level, so we’re only able to present a brief overview of each with a few comments at this point.


Interest in these features will vary based on your configuration and business processes – I’m sure everyone will recognize those of interest for their use:


  • The ability to apply SuiteFlow (Workflows) and SuiteFlow Actions to sublists, which will allow Workflows to run on transaction line items versus just body fields
  • An Advanced Bill of Materials feature that supports multiple concurrent BOMs for a single Assembly
  • A new Container feature that supports offshore PO receipts, while assigning Landed Cost at receipt in the destination warehouse
  • A simplified cross-subsidiary Item Fulfillment process
  • An enhanced SuitePromotions bundle with features such as stackable promotions
  • A new SuiteTag feature that provides a simple way to tag an order with an issue/status and create Tasks for resolution
  • New Timesheet approval features and new Project Profitability reports
  • A new and easier-to-use Bank Reconciliation feature

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