An Introduction to NetSuite Custom Records

An Introduction to NetSuite Custom Records

Custom Segments and Leveraging Custom Record Functionality

We discussed NetSuite’s Custom Segment feature previously in a separate blog titled Applying Custom Segments to Transactions.  This is an introduction to the Custom Record aspect of Custom Segments.  Creating a Custom Segment also creates a Custom Record Type.  The Custom Record can then be edited to track additional information related to the Trade Show.  Fields in the Custom Record can also be added to NetSuite Forms.

Use Case:

  • Fictional Company is Valley Dental Supply.
  • Valley sells dental supplies: chairs, x-ray machines, clinical instruments, surgical clothing, and Lab Services.
  • Their primary revenue stream is Trade Shows.
  • Valley Dental is using Custom Segment to track Gross Profit per Trade Show. A Custom Segment called “Show Code” has been created and was added to Sales and Expense Transactions.
  • Valley Dental is also tracking information specific to the Event in a Custom Record Called “Trade Show Information”.
  • In addition to the show code, Valley Dental wants to track Sales Reps, Sponsor, and Projected Revenue per Trade Show. With the ultimate goal of reporting on Actual vs. Projected Revenue per Show.


  • Custom Segment “Show Code” has already been applied to Sales Transactions

We are working with a Custom Segment called Show Code with four Values as illustrated below.


Edit Custom Record

Custom Segments also exist as Custom records. Add fields to the Custom record to track additional Information related to each Show Code.  For this example we will add a Field called Projected Revenue.

Navigate to Customization > List, Records, & Fields > Record Types

Note Show Code is in the List as a Custom Record. Select the Show Code Custom Record by clicking on the link.

Once selected the Page below appears.  We are working under the Fields Subtab.  Click the New Field Button:

Note that “Include Name Field” is checked and disabled, which is normal.

New Field Page:

On this page:

  • Name the Field Projected Revenue
  • Type = Currency
  • Store Value is checked
  • Display Tab
    • In the Help field add text for field-level Help.

Then Click Save.

Next, add a Show Code to the Custom record with Projected Revenue

Navigate to Customization > List, Records, & Fields > Record Types. Find Show Code and click the New Record Link.

In the Name field enter the Show Code. This is automatically available due to “Include Name Field” being checked in the Custom record setup above.  In this example we are setting up a record for the 2018 Miami Dental Show with projected Revenue of $75,000.  Complete any other fields that were added.  Click Save.

This gives us a Projected Revenue number to use in Reporting.  Since Show Code is being added to Sales Invoices, Actual Revenue per Show is already available.  A Saved Search can be built to provide total Actual Revenue per Show compared against Projected Revenue.

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