Go Live 60% Faster with SuiteSuccess

Go Live 60% Faster with SuiteSuccess

Implementation in 100 days

SuiteSuccess is the focus and future of NetSuite.  This is not your typical ‘cookie-cutter’ solution

SuiteSuccess is a growing library of pre-built solutions, currently offered across eight different industries and 12 micro verticals within those industries, localized for different geographies, and continually updated to provide what the vendor describes as “leading practices for each industry and role including workflows, KPIs, reports, dashboards and metrics.”

SuiteSuccess is also an agile implementation methodology that takes customers through a tailored 4- or 5-stage ‘stairway’, beginning with a baseline implementation completed within 100 days, and providing continuous engagement to further optimize adoption according to business needs and new feature releases.

Results from 300 customers signed up over the past year under an early release program have shown the impact of SuiteSuccess, says Executive Vice President Jim McGeever. Customers are going live 60% faster, with implementation costs 18% lower. There have been just 4 change orders out of that number, and 90% are immediately referenceable. Equally striking is the performance impact of staying with a configuration that NetSuite’s own engineers have built:

“Average pageload time in a SuiteSuccess account is 66% faster — when you standardize, you can optimize.” – Jim McGeever

Source: Phil Wainewright, diginomica

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