How to Create Custom Records with SuiteTalk

How to Create Custom Records with SuiteTalk

Sweet Talk on SuiteTalk & Custom Records

NetSuite documentation offers decent instructions on how to work with standard records via SuiteTalk. However, working with Custom Records is a bit trickier, and little documentation is available. A pretty common question from clients is, “How do I create a Custom Record with SuiteTalk?” So I thought I would include a simple C# example as this week’s post…

CustomRecord rec = new CustomRecord();

RecordRef recType = new RecordRef();
recType.internalId = “10”; // Internal ID of custom record type, not individual record id
recType.type = RecordType.customRecord;
recType.typeSpecified = true;
rec.recType = recType; = “My new custom record”;

CustomFieldRef[] customFieldArray = new CustomFieldRef[1];

StringCustomFieldRef stringField = new StringCustomFieldRef();
stringField.scriptId = “custrecord_string”;
stringField.value = “A string”;
customFieldArray[0] = stringField;

rec.customFieldList = customFieldArray;

WriteResponse response = _service.add(rec);

I hope this is helpful to any one scouring the web trying to figure this out. For more information feel free to contact us at

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