Jitterbit Integration with NetSuite. A Big Benefit.

Jitterbit Integration with NetSuite. A Big Benefit.

Recently, Keystone partnered with Jitterbit, a powerful platform that integrates and connects cloud, on-premise, social and mobile applications.

Since partnering with Jitterbit, I’ve been using their Jitterbit Harmony tool to integrate NetSuite with other systems. So far the experience has been very positive, and for someone who has always coded integration applications from scratch, MUCH EASIER!

Jitterbit’s Integration, a Visual Advantage

Putting ease of use aside, one immediately obvious benefit about Jitterbit is the way it automatically gives a visual representation of the integration. In the past, separate tools would need to be utilized to create data flow diagrams. Now Jitterbit diagrams this for me.

Example, a NetSuite to Salesforce item sync…

Jitterbit integration with NetSuite

A NetSuite to Salesforce Item Sync within Jitterbit

This visual representation of the process comes right from Jitterbit and makes it much easier for me to explain what the integration is actually doing. This is just one of the many benefits I have discovered after using Jitterbit, and I am sure I will be sharing many more in future posts.

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Kevin is responsible for driving the cloud-based technology vision for Keystone and its customers. In his role as Keystone’s lead technical expert, Kevin is deeply involved in most NetSuite and Salesforce.com implementation projects. Kevin’s expertise includes systems planning and analysis, custom application development, and cloud computing platform administration via Amazon Web Services. Prior to Keystone, Kevin held a variety of technical and functional roles throughout a diverse set of industries such as financial services, manufacturing, and advertising. Kevin holds an MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management and a BS in Commerce from DePaul University.