Disruption, Shift, Change, Switch… A SuiteWorld Keynote Recap

Disruption, Shift, Change, Switch… A SuiteWorld Keynote Recap

The End of the Beginning

The theme of SuiteWorld 2015, “The End of the Beginning”, was announced at the opening keynote by Zach Nelson, President and CEO of NetSuite, on Tuesday, May 4th. The room was filled to capacity, standing room only, high energy, with several key announcements, and the biggest show so far. Rather than the typical stage front audience setting, it was presented in the round, and well-orchestrated.

Keynote Highlights

Mobile phones have become a part of everyone’s life; an extension to our hand. With this, mobile applications were a key focus.

Both Android and iPhone are included with the three main components of the NetSuite platform;
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP), and
  • ecommerce-provides the ability for customers to manage records and data on all of these major areas

NetSuite CTO, Evan Goldberg, stated:

“We believe in empowering companies and their employees so they can fully participate in the mobile revolution. Every day, mobile devices, particularly smartphones, are playing a larger role in a growing number of day-to-day business activities.”

Additional data centers are planned for continued improvements to performance in North America and Europe. This will also help adhere to security and compliance regulations in counties with specific requirements.

Zach Nelson stated, the world of commerce has been disrupted, making the customer experience critical to the success in a changing world of omni-channel commerce with the Online, In Store, and Order Management. NetSuite launched SuiteCommerce In-Store Point-of-Sale, with “comprehensive capabilities and flexibility”, empowering business to provide that experience.

Power Couple

A partnership between Microsoft and NetSuite was announced which will bring products to Microsoft’s cloud. This partnership will provide customers with:
  • reduced security risks
  • greater productivity, and
  • the connection of Microsoft Office and Azure

New Customers were also named including; American Express, TGI Fridays, Elite Model Management using OneWorld, and Qlik.

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