The Top 5 Ways to Use NetSuite’s Scriptable Email Templates

The Top 5 Ways to Use NetSuite’s Scriptable Email Templates

Did you know that NetSuite now supports Scriptable Templates only?

You can create dynamic scriptable templates for use with email marketing campaigns and system email. Scriptable templates produce personalized output and give you control over the presentation of your email communication.

Scriptable templates, for example, allow you to create a single template that offers individualized upsell items to each recipient, utilizing each individual customer’s purchase history.

ScreenShotBlogJMockYou can create scriptable templates for any type of email sent from NetSuite, including:
  • marketing campaign email templates
  • email and fax templates (including bulk merge templates)
  • system email templates
  • email and faxes sent from the Communication subtab of records
  • email and faxes sent from the Messages subtab of transactions

Please contact if you need assistance converting your existing CRMSDK templates to Scriptable templates.

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