Navigating the NetSuite Ways!

Navigating the NetSuite Ways!

Navigating the NetSuite Ways

Jennifer Korte – Office Manager, Keystone Business Services

Do you ever put an address in Waze and then mindlessly follow the directions without looking at the details of the route?  I used to obsessively pour over the directions before driving somewhere new, but as the digital map interface has improved, I trust that Susie (our name for all map guidance) will tell me what lane to be in and which exit to take with far more accuracy than most passengers I’ve ever relied on.  Plus, she uses far more courteous language.

When I first started working with NetSuite, the early tasks seemed intuitive, and I gained confidence following the basic steps for AP/AR and even the bank reconciliation.  However, there were several processes such as creating new saved searches, that were not as easy with my limited knowledge of the system.  I would hop on a Teams call with a co-worker, share my screen, and someone would guide me through the steps to accomplish my NetSuite task, like Susie getting me to the soccer match on time.

The problem is, when someone shows you step by step how to do a process, you only learn if you really pay attention to the directions.  It’s easy to click where you are told, but have you asked questions and internalized why the click you made was the right choice?  Otherwise, when you go to do it the next time, you will need to be shown again.  The route doesn’t become familiar unless you think through the steps without guidance.

Following an implementation or optimization in NetSuite, it takes adoption by the end-user to really make the process work.  If that end-user is you, don’t underestimate the value of the screenshot and a follow-up process document when you’ve been shown the ways.  Or perhaps you are a seasoned employee with tons of ERP experience, but some things about NetSuite have you stumped.  Ask for route guidance and keep track of the path you take.

At Keystone, when we complete an implementation or optimization for a client, we often end the process with training documents that have step-by-step directions with screenshots for key processes for their business.  Sometimes we record consultants completing key tasks, so there is a video employees can watch.  In many cases, employees can even play in the Sandbox to practice their processes without any risk to the live system.  Please commit to working through these things.  Don’t undervalue this time spent in training.  And remember, one of the best ways to learn, is to teach someone else.

As I have grown more confident in NetSuite, I’ve learned that most paths are very logical, and most mistakes can be undone.  Stay in your lane and ask for guidance.  Follow the paths laid out for you and learn to think for yourself.  If Susie decides to retire, you don’t want to be stuck recalculating, you want to be able to share her guidance with the next NetSuite newbie.


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 About Jennifer Korte

Jennifer is Keystone Business Services invaluable and indispensable Office Manager. She wears many hats and handles our human resources, account payable, administration and overall being the resource we all seem to go to for everything. She is very hard working and always “doing her best to make a difference”.  She has extensive experience working in an executive support role. Jennifer brings exceptional communication, multi-tasking, interpersonal, organizational and problem-solving skills to the KBS team.

Jennifer graduated from Truman State University– Kirksville, Missouri.  Jennifer currently resides in Fenton, Michigan, where she enjoys traveling with her husband, chasing sunrises and sunsets, morning walks (despite the exceptionally rambunctious puppy that is currently her walking partner) and spending time on the lake with her family. Capturing a photo, writing a poem, or telling a self-deprecating story are ways she exercises her creativity. She loves to bake.