Key Takeaways from a Night with NetSuite

Key Takeaways from a Night with NetSuite

NetSuite hit it out of the park with their lineup at their ‘Navigating a Winner Takes All World: How to Own Your Next’ business tour that was hosted at Wrigley Field last month. Attendees enjoyed the featured speakers and cheering the Chicago Cubs on to a 15-5 victory over the Cincinnati Reds. Go Cubs!

The ‘Next Ready Business Tour’ featured Ranga Bodla, NetSuite Head of Industry Marketing, who promoted NetSuite’s new SuiteSuccess offering as well as their new Advanced Revenue Management solution.  Ranga reiterated what we heard at SuiteWorld this year – Oracle is committed to letting NetSuite be NetSuite, and are investing heavily in their continued success.

Next on deck was Guest Speaker Dirk Beveridge, founder of Unleash WD, Author of “INNOVATE! How Successful Distributors Lead Change In Disruptive Times.”, and thought leader in Distribution, who left the attendees wanting for more. Dirk, through extensive research, identified the common traits of successful of leaders at the innovative companies that have embraced NetSuite. Dirk passionately outlined the eight core mindsets of the leaders he interviewed: Energized and Optimistic, Intellectual, Think Big, Challenger, Experimenter, Doer, Value Creator and Owner of the Future. If you’re looking to take your distribution company to the next level, check out Dirk’s ‘Unleash WD Innovation Summit for Distributors’ scheduled for October 19-20 in Chicago.

Check out the NetSuite blog from Ranga, 8 Key Questions that Can Make or Break Your Distribution Business. It mentions more about Dirk and his insights into the Distribution industry, as well as the following link to the 8 questions Distributors need to consider as they determine how to continue growing their business in challenging times.  See how your WD business scores using Beveridge’s Innovative Mindset Assessment tool.

And, if you’re interested in learning more about what NetSuite’s new SuiteSuccess platform can do you’re your company, please reach out to me at or 630-401-8429.

Karen is Sales Director for Keystone Business Service. She has more than 25 years of experience helping small to mid-market companies leverage technology to advance and grow their businesses. Karen has enjoyed helping companies ride the technology wave, starting her career back in the days of mini-computers, which shifted to client/server technology, and now to Cloud and mobile computing. And, while the technology platforms have shifted, she’s always been involved in providing end-to-end solutions for her clients.