6 Helpful NetSuite Keyboard Shortcuts

6 Helpful NetSuite Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate Like a Pro with These Shortcuts

One of the keys to being efficient working in NetSuite is taking advantage of all the features that provide quick, easy access to the information you need.  We’ve found that these 6 keyboard shortcuts are very helpful to users, make employees more efficient, and also drive higher satisfaction with NetSuite.

Global Search 

One of my personal favorites;  you can press Alt+G to move the cursor directly to the Global Search field.  Then type in whatever it is you’re searching for.

Date Fields

There a quite a few shortcuts in regards to entering the date, but here is just a small sample.  In date fields, use the following keyboard shortcuts to change dates:

  • Press y to enter yesterday’s date.
  • Press t to enter today’s date.
  • Press Shift+T to enter tomorrow’s date.
  • Press m to enter the last day of the month.

Note: These keyboard shortcuts are supported only in full date fields that include the month, day, and year.

Switching Subtabs

When using tabbed pages, you can easily switch between subtabs with the following keyboard shortcut. You’ll notice that each subtab has a single letter that’s underlined in the title. Press and hold Alt and then press the corresponding letter to switch to that subtab. The cursor appears in the first field on the subtab.


Just like any other skills, practice makes perfect so we encourage you to start using these today.  As you spend more time using these shortcuts in NetSuite, you’ll get more familiar with navigating and naturally become more efficient.  In a short period of time, you can learn to master these shortcuts and others to increase your skills with the platform.  Make sure to share these tips with your colleagues to help them improve as well!

For more Shortcuts, visit the NetSuite Help Center.  For more information on NetSuite, or for a Free Demo, contact Keystone today!

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