Free White Paper: Unifying Financials & Inventory

Free White Paper: Unifying Financials & Inventory

Why Distributors are Moving From QuickBooks and Fishbowl to NetSuite

Businesses across a variety of industries start off using QuickBooks and Fishbowl to manage their financials and inventory.  However, a large percentage of these companies find they need to adopt a more robust system that can do more and that keeps up with their evolving demands.  Many of these organizations, including many in the Wholesale Distribution space, are turning to NetSuite to satisfy these wants and needs, and are very happy with the outcome.

But how do you know that it’s time to upgrade?

As this white paper describes, there are lots of benefits for companies that move to the cloud.  Having inventory and financial data in the same platform gives your business a competitive edge with the ability to plan effectively, to streamline operations and to execute more predictably with customers, and also to minimize labor costs.

If your company uses QuickBooks or Fishbowl and are looking to unify your financials, inventory management, and perhaps other areas of the business into one singular platform, please consider NetSuite and check out this white paper for information on the world’s #1 cloud-ERP system.

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