Check Your Ego at the Door

Check Your Ego at the Door

   As a dedicated NetSuite Solutions Provider, our team’s schedules are brimming with meetings about implementations, customizations, integrations, advanced PDF’s saved searches, and virtually any requirement a client may have. It could be tempting, amidst the whirlwind, to neglect soft skills training.  We understand that team time doesn’t directly contribute to billable hours, and clients often require prompt responses. However, what sets Keystone apart from many other organizations with busy consultants, is that we do take the time every week to focus on foundational behaviors that shape our approach in all we do.

Many companies espouse their commitment to integrity, and most genuinely believe in their words. However, what has been truly enlightening for me is witnessing this company’s unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and the mutual encouragement to live up to our stated ideals.  Initially, the list of 21 foundational behaviors appeared overwhelming, but with repeated exposure, I realize the beauty is truly in the details.  While championing honesty alone would be commendable, we also emphasize other critical aspects such as “Do What is Best for the Client,” “Get the Facts,” “Take Ownership of your Work,” and “Act with Integrity and Best Intentions.”  Hearing our consultants share their experiences of applying these behaviors to navigate challenging situations serves as a vivid reminder that covering the nitty gritty of what is expected in our company culture yields tangible benefits in our daily conduct.

At times, we all encounter rough patches in relationships, whether they are professional, involving colleagues or clients, or personal in nature.   Embracing behaviors such as “Assume Good Intent,” “Practice Blameless Problem Solving,” and “Be Respectful” empowers us to navigate these challenges with grace. Promoting these behaviors has the potential to forge stronger relationships moving forward and can make working together both more enjoyable and more productive.  It is a valuable investment of our time, consistently, to fortify our bond with both teammates and clients.

As our regular routine, every Monday during our team meeting, a member of the Keystone team will present a specific behavior.  For the remainder of the week, our daily standup call takes on the name of that behavior, effectively making it the central focus of our work.  It is hard to ignore the constant reminders as you see phrases like “Honor Commitments” or “Practice Continuous Improvement” prominently displayed at the top of each day’s schedule.  Keeping a behavior at the forefront of our minds serves as a constant prompt to hone that particular skill and share relevant examples with the team.

Throughout the week, we exchange stories, whether they involve someone successfully embodying the behavior or candidly admitting to falling short.  Plus, we often find humor in our occasional missteps, fostering a lighthearted atmosphere within the team.

Recently, it was my turn to discuss “Check Your Ego at the Door” during the Monday team meeting.  I’ve always tended to be self-deprecating, and as it turns out, a bit self-righteous too. My intention was to inspire those who might benefit from shedding a bit of arrogance. Yet, in the process of preparing for this discussion, I became acutely aware of situations where I, too, needed to let go of my ego. By openly acknowledging instances where my ego obstructed my progress, I found myself more committed to avoiding those pitfalls in the future, ultimately striving to improve my behavior.

   Call me a believer, but I’m discovering that Keystone’s foundational behaviors are not only enhancing my performance at work, but also enriching my life outside of it.  If you ever doubt their value, remember to, “Check Your Ego at the Door”.  As for us, we’ll continue to “Keep an Open Mindset” and ensure that we “Make it Fun.”


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   About Jennifer Korte

Jennifer is Keystone Business Services invaluable and indispensable Office Manager. She wears many hats and handles our human resources, account payable, administration and overall being the resource we all seem to go to for everything. She is very hard working and always “doing her best to make a difference”.  She has extensive experience working in an executive support role. Jennifer brings exceptional communication, multi-tasking, interpersonal, organizational and problem-solving skills to the KBS team.

Jennifer graduated from Truman State University– Kirksville, Missouri.  Jennifer currently resides in Fenton, Michigan, where she enjoys traveling with her husband, chasing sunrises and sunsets, morning walks (despite the exceptionally rambunctious puppy that is currently her walking partner) and spending time on the lake with her family. Capturing a photo, writing a poem, or telling a self-deprecating story are ways she exercises her creativity. She loves to bake.