NetSuite Update Requires Two-Factor Authentication

NetSuite Update Requires Two-Factor Authentication

New 2018.2 Release Change

Every year, like clockwork, NetSuite has two new Releases.  Typically, the first update arrives in the Spring and the second occurs in the Fall.  Each Release is jam-packed with new features.  Some of the new features are minor changes and some are major updates.  With each new Release, there are some little known or unforeseen modifications that can have a major impact on users.  This is one of those changes that may not be well known and will impact all NetSuite clients.  Everyone needs to adjust accordingly.

Two-Factor Authentication

The upcoming NetSuite 2018.2 Release will now require a two-factor authentication (2FA) to log in for select roles.  This will enhance security for all NetSuite clients and protect your company from unauthorized access to data.  For our existing support clients, all Administrator, Full Access, and highly privileged roles will be affected and will need to update their credentials to provide a second method of authentication.  This requirement includes access to production, sandbox, development, and Release Preview accounts.  For new NetSuite implementation customers, it will affect all users and roles.  There is also a new wizard to aid in the setup of the 2FA.

2FA is here to stay

Setting up a second authentication factor beyond your normal login and password takes just a few steps and won’t take you long. It will require Admins and users to provide either a secure token that’s randomly generated as a time-based verification for each login OR a mobile phone number that can receive verification codes by SMS, voice call, or an authenticator application.  For more information or instructions please visit the NetSuite Help Center.


NetSuite strives to provide the very best in ERP and security for its clients.  The consistent Release updates continue to provide customers with increased benefits and helps to ensure they’re getting the most out of their software.  With many more new features slated for 2018.2, check back in for more information on the latest updates that will impact you and your organization.

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