7 Tips for a Successful Email Campaign in NetSuite

7 Tips for a Successful Email Campaign in NetSuite
  1. Ensure that contacts entered in NetSuite for email campaigns are opted in specifically to the account. If they are not, send the initial Opt In message.
  2. Remove contacts who have not responded to email campaigns (opened, clicked or submitted a form) in the last 6 months to one year.
  3. Send messages that are relevant to the target subscribers.
  4. Setup DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).
  5. In most cases, it is best to send business to business emails Tuesday through Thursday. It is best to avoid sending business to business emails after 4PM or on weekends.
  6. To improve deliverability, add a message at the top of email campaign messages that says something like: To ensure receipt of our emails, please add campaign@yourcompany.com to your Address Book.
  7. Make the ‘From Name’ for your email campaigns either the company name or the name of a person at the company. The most important factor in a subscriber’s decision to open your email is if the ‘From Name’ is familiar to them.

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