Connecting Dollars to Outcomes for Non-profits

Connecting Dollars to Outcomes for Non-profits

Free White Paper from NetSuite: How to Measure Outcomes That Deliver Mission Impact in Nonprofits

Non-profit organizations personify the very best of America. You transform our hopes and dreams into action by uniting us to work towards a shared purpose.

However, Non-profits also face serious challenges: Fundraising. Recruitment. Grant Tracking. Enterprise-Level Security. Time Management. Scalability. Cost Management. And More.

Recent Webinar

Keystone recently hosted a webinar titled NetSuite for Non-profits where we discussed how NetSuite provides a number of benefits that help Non-profits address and overcome many of the challenges listed above.

Mission Impact

As we discussed during the presentation, every Non-profit is unique.  Even among Non-profits, there is an amazing diversity of missions and programs.  Therefore, your articulation of mission impact will be as well!  As Jacob Harold, CEO of GuideStar states, “Words that describe goals and strategies should be matched with numbers that measure progress.  These metrics form a causal chain that flows through to social good.”  In other words, outcomes should be both qualitative and quantitative.

Why NetSuite?

There are all sorts of benefits for Non-profits using NetSuite. In order to remain compliant with FASB, there are loads of pre-built reports that are included “out-of-the-box” in NetSuite.  This gives executives real-time visibility into their financial data, and it’s readily available at your fingertips with a few clicks of your mouse.

This same real-time visibility applies to other areas as well, such as LYBUNT and SYBUNT reports, so you know which donors you may want to reach out to.

NetSuite is a unified platform that’s almost infinitely scalable, so it grows along with you.


In conclusion, NetSuite is a wonderful solution for Non-profits.  For more information, watch our webinar, download the free white paper below, and contact Keystone today!


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