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Case Study: Vertex Wireless, LLC

“Within just a few weeks, our optimized solution was up, running, and working well. Keystone made a conscious effort to keep communication open throughout the entire process. They made an effort to let us know they were here for us and continue to follow-up to ensure everything is running as efficiently and error-free as it can be. I appreciate that the most.”

Martin Lund,
Director of IT and Systems Administration, Vertex Wireless, LLC


Vertex receives hundreds of purchase orders, transfer orders and sales orders each day. Each of those transactions can require thousands of serialized phones or other pieces of equipment—and each of those serial numbers and corresponding BIN numbers needs to be entered into NetSuite, Vertex’s Inventory Management system. Employees were spending countless hours entering serial and BIN numbers for a single order—all the while knowing if they encountered one error, they would have to start over again.

Linking the Possibilities

With large order volumes and a recent transition to NetSuite to simplify its Receiving and Inventory Management processes, Vertex was in need of a strategic partner to help optimize the transition process. “We were unsure of who to turn to for optimized NetSuite help, so I posted a discussion on a LinkedIn NetSuite group describing our situation,” explained Martin Lund, Director of IT and Systems Administration at Vertex. “Eric and the Keystone team contacted me within a few hours. I was impressed to learn they had helped other businesses like ours discover a solution. I knew right away they were the right experts for the job.”

A Strategic Approach

“The Keystone team set up an introductory call within days—and shortly following that were on-site learning about our business, auditing our infrastructure and working side-by-side with us to determine the most optimized solution for our needs,” described Lund. “Coming from a programming background, what impressed me the most was that they understood all my technical talk. They understood NetSuite. They understood our frustrations. And, best yet, they knew how to customize the program and come back with proficient solutions that we all believed would work.”

Real Results in Real Time

The Keystone team worked together with Vertex to develop and deploy a solution that is much less error prone, and helps to streamline the process of entering in thousands of serial and BIN numbers per order. “There are times we would receive an order for 10,000 handsets—all of which we needed to assign and enter serial numbers and BIN numbers for,” explained Lund. “With our current NetSuite edition, we could only enter 500 of those serial and BIN numbers at a time—which turned out to be an extremely time-consuming process. Keystone implemented an optimized solution that allows our employees to upload all serial and BIN numbers on a single spreadsheet—and NetSuite now processes the transaction within an hour.” Going even further, Keystone further deployed an auto-email fulfillment notice that included all serial numbers that is sent to all applicable employees—eliminating timely cutting and pasting between documents.

The Client
  • Vertex Wireless, LLC is a wholesale distributor and business services firm with over 120 years of combined experience in the wireless industry.
  • A trusted source for Wireless Equipment and Services, Vertex Wireless sells and distributes wireless devices, customized engineering, and reverse logistics to help businesses achieve maximum profitability.
The Challenge
  • Vertex Wireless, a rapidly growing company, outgrew their previous Fishbowl inventory management framework and needed NetSuite experts to help implement customizable features.
  • A maximum of 500 serial numbers could be entered in the native NetSuite setup at any given time—a process that took two to six hours—when the company was receiving orders requiring 5–10K serial numbers at a time.
The Solution
  • Customized Vertex’s current NetSuite framework to allow employees to upload a single spreadsheet listing all serial numbers in minutes.
  • Developed and deployed an auto-email fulfillment notice once a transaction is processed.
The Results
  • Receiving saves significant time with the ability to generate transactions with tens of thousands of serial numbers within an hour—a process that once took between two and six hours.
  • Working directly off import sheets eliminates cutting and pasting between multiple documents, resulting in fewer errors.

“In a way, our optimization solution was a relatively simple one—but it took a knowledgeable, highly-responsive and dedicated partner like Keystone to put it into place.”

Martin Lund
Director of IT and Systems Administration
Vertex Wireless, LLC

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