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Case Study: Trevco Sportswear

“There’s no way that we could have implemented that software package ourselves.”

Robert Jeris,
Chief Financial Officer, Trevco Sportswear


Trevco Inc. was growing rapidly, fueled by brisk online sales through wholesaler websites. Trevco Sportswear receives the orders, then fulfills and ships the t-shirts directly to individual customers. Recognizing that their current ERP software could not keep up with their increasing demands, especially with the crush of holiday orders, Trevco selected NetSuite as their new business systems platform.


A Skilled NetSuite Advisor

As an official partner of NetSuite, Keystone Business Services has an expert level of proficiency in the software. Keystone customizes NetSuite tools and techniques, helping clients streamline and automate specific functions to simplify business operations and increase productivity. Robert Jeris, Chief Financial Officer at Trevco Inc., found Keystone’s in-depth knowledge of NetSuite a definite plus in navigating the implementation process and providing a customized solution. “There’s no way that we could have implemented that software package ourselves,” Jeris said.

Active Listening Onsite

Learning a client’s business from the inside out to better understand the processes and operations is fundamental to how Keystone works. Onsite assessment, development and deployment visits allow Keystone to deliver a client-specific solution, not merely a cookie-cutter quick fix. It’s this level of service that Jeris truly appreciated about the dedicated Keystone Account Manager he worked with. “He was here when we did our implementation. He came back up here a few days before go live and stayed here that first week of go live to make sure that we got everything covered and that it worked. That was helpful.”

Solutions that Simplify

With NetSuite in place, Trevco was able to integrate software that dramatically automated order, fulfillment and freight processes. Keystone’s configuration of NetSuite’s email invoicing also saved Trevco time and resources, while their set up and training for the NetSuite dashboard helps Trevco staff keep tabs on the status of orders at various stages. “You can instantly see how many orders do I have so far for the month? How many orders are out in the warehouse pending fulfillment right now,” Jeris said. “You can set it up so you can see invoices that are outstanding for vendors, your top selling items for the month. Instead of having to run a report, you just get this instant view that shows you everything.”

There When You Need Them

Providing unrivaled customer service is a hallmark of Keystone Business Services. Jeris said he and his Keystone account manager “talk all the time, sometimes several times a day. We’re always trading emails about issues and how we can resolve them,” said Jeris, “whether it’s 7 o’clock in the morning or 9 o’clock at night. Even on the weekends, if we run into issues, he’s been responsive.”

Promising Results

The new integrated NetSuite system was tested during Trevco’s holiday ordering season. “The system has held up pretty well,” said Jeris. “It’s able to give us access to reports and data quicker than what we were getting before.” The integration of the other software systems with NetSuite solved their order bottleneck, improved processing at their freight stations and eliminated voluminous administrative work for generating packing slips for the 4,000 orders they fulfill each day. By automating and streamlining these functions, Trevco’s productivity has soared. “We basically were able to eliminate five additional administrative tasks or people that were processing the orders last year during our holiday season compared to this year’s holiday season,” Jeris said. “I would estimate that for the busy season it probably saved us $15-16k in wages.”

The Client
  • Trevco Sportswear designs, digitally prints and supplies wholesalers across the country with licensed t-shirts with images from I Love Lucy, Star Trek, Universal Studios movies, and many more. They fulfill approximately 4, 000 orders each day.
The Challenge
  • Trevco is a smaller company that has seen marked expansion—20-25% growth over the past year. They had outgrown the Sage Pro system they were using and were relying on an outside consulting firm to help with systems maintenance and trouble shooting.
The Solution
  • Utilize NetSuite’s cloud-based business management platform and flexibility to integrate vital software systems that will automate and streamline various functions and processes.
  • Keystone Business Services developed and implemented a customized configuration of NetSuite, allowing easier access to Trevco’s systems through cloud computing; simplified invoicing; and provided training for Trevco staff.
The Results
  • The custom-designed deployment of NetSuite allowed Trevco to integrate software to facilitate order, fulfillment and shipping processes and utilize paperless invoicing.
  • Trevco was able to increase productivity and eliminate five additional administrative tasks or people who were processing orders, saving an estimated $15-16k during their busiest season.

“Instead of having to run a report, you just get this instant view that shows you everything.”

Robert Jeris
Chief Financial Officer
Trevco Sportswear

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