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August 26, 2014

NetSuite has recently made updates to their Platform Features. Fill out the form below to learn more about these new features and how to utilize them for your business.

During this one-hour webinar, we addressed some of the updated features, including:

Segmenting Alternate Period and Date Ranges:
As of Version 2014 Release 2, you can segment reports using an additional hierarchy level for the current date dimension.

CSV Import Impact of Address Enhancements:
Enhancements to address customization have caused changes to entity, transaction and location imports.

Script Queue Monitor (Beta):
Generally, companies that run NetSuite are provided a single queue for running their scheduled scripts. Companies can upgrade their number of scheduled script queues from one to five with the purchase of a SuiteCloud Plus license.

Custom Fields Availability in Duplicate Detection:
With Version 2014 Release 2, you can base duplicate detection criteria on custom fields.

Scriptable Templates:
Version 2014 Release 2 includes an improved editor for creating and updating scriptable templates.

Electronic Payments Enhancements:
Updates include the ability to display Entity Names in Transaction Lists for Electronic Payments and add field validations to Custom Payment File Templates.

File Drag and Drop BETA Enhancements:
The latest release of File Drag & Drop Beta includes the following enhancements:

  • Drag and drop files to File Cabinet
  • Drag and drop files to new record pages and to line items
  • Specify default destination folders using folder patterns

SuiteScript Impact of Updated NetSuite User Interface:
The new user interface includes the following specific changes that may impact existing scripts, including:

  • SuiteScripts that Directly Access the NetSuite DOM May No Longer Work
  • Quirks Mode Turned Off
  • Custom UI Elements Should be Reviewed
  • Change to addPageLink Method
  • Custom UI Elements Should be Reviewed
  • Offline Client No Longer Supported

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