Keystone Named to Forbes Top 100 Lead Response Companies

Proudly Featured in the Forbes Top 100 Lead Response Companies at’s Dreamforce 2012

FORBES (September 21, 2012) – Keystone Business Services was named to Forbes Top 100 Lead Response Companies at’s Dreamforce 2012. Companies named to this list were determined by results obtained from  the largest research study ever done on the response practices of companies to their own internet inquiries., the leading cloud-based provider of sales automation and analytics for inside sales professionals, performed the study. Two months prior to’s Dreamforce 2012, the research team submitted a fictitious web lead with a compelling identity, website, phone number and email address to see how quickly companies would respond by both email and phone call attempts, voice messages left and emails sent. The top 100 companies with the quickest response times and highest number of response attempts were named to the Forbes list.

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